Over the years traditional English food has fallen to the wayside, kicked to the curb in favour of a wide variety of styles and influences coming from every corner of the globe except our own. While the richness and variety on offer in Britain today means that food here is arguably better than it’s ever been, there’s a wealth of homegrown cuisine and food stories that are getting overlooked and may be in danger of getting lost. In the spirit of preserving that knowledge and making it relevant to the modern cook (and eater!) Yorkshire Grub is a collection of recipes dedicated to bringing traditional food from the best county in Britain to the 21st century.

The aim of the site is to take the food your grandma used to eat and make it accessible to the modern cook. In some cases that will simply mean touching recipes up with modern measurements and saying ‘here you go’, while in others it might mean giving a little more explanation than the recipe writers of yesterday were inclined towards. I’ll take other recipes a step further by adapting them to use up-to-date ingredients and cooking techniques, while others will get a more modern interpretation to better suit 21st century tastes. Some of the recipes you’ll find here have their roots squarely in Yorkshire. Others are a little more difficult to pin down, but are certainly a part of the Yorkshire tradition even if they can’t definitively be claimed to have been invented here. All of them are delicious, simple and possibly a bit mucky.

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